Biosecurity Inspection in compliance with DAWR Inspection of used vehicle by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR)

The Australia Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Resources (DAWR) gives recognition to ATJ for the conduct of Biosecurity/quarantine inspection of Used Motor Vehicles and recognizes ATJ for the conduct Offshore Risk Management of Used Machinery Imports into Australia.

The DAWR awards and accredits and approved ATJ as an offshore treatment provider for assurance of cleaning, pre-inspection and certification systems for used light vehicles from Japan to Australia.

DAWR recognizes that ATJs quality system and associated processes provide a method of the assurance of cleaning and pre-inspection of used vehicles, that is considered effective in managing and mitigating biosecurity risks prior to export to Australia subject to further outcome monitoring inspections in Australia.

The over-arching system components implemented by ATJ for used vehicles, including the ISO 17020 accreditation, is considered a suitable foundation for ATJ to further develop and expand it’s current ISO 17020 operational scope to meet the fundamental DAWR requirements.

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