DAWE Heat Treatment

The Australia Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has given Autoterminal Japan the approval to conduct Heat treatment to vehicles in Japan bound for Australia.

As a registered offshore BMSB treatment provider, it is Autoterminal Japan's obligation to conduct and record treatments consistent with the regulations and methodologies set by DAWE.

Autoterminal complies with the requirements of DAWE when conducting and documenting BMSB treatments.

Container Number/s

ATJ ensures that the correct container number/s is reflected in all BMSB treatment certificates being issued. In cases where the container number is not available, ATJ uses an alternative consignment link.


ATJ sees to it that our AEI (entity identifier) is clearly included in the BMSB treatment certificate.

Providing treatment details and certificates

A copy of each BMSB treatment certificate issued will be submitted to DAWE for verification.

Records of treatment and certificates

Using the templates provided by DAWE, we keep complete and accurate records of the BMSB treatment we conduct and certificates we issue.

2018/19 BMSB season treatment requirements

Heat Treatment: ATJ makes sure to conduct BSMB heat treatments in line with the sections of the heat treatment methodology set by DAWE.

Finalised 2018/19 BMSB season treatment rates

We provide different treatment options. You can find more details about these treatments and the prices at www.agriculture.gov.au/import/before/pests/brown-marmorated-stink-bugs.

Conducting concurrent BMSB and commodity risk treatments

Autoterminal Japan may conduct a single treatment for both commodity and BMSB risks, if the commodity requires it. The treatment will have to be done at a higher rate to meet the requirements of both treatments.

120-hour post-treatment window and other export scenarios

In some cases where vehicles units are transhipped to non-target countries for export, or transit through risk-countries, the 120-hour post-treatment window is applied, where the goods may have to undergo offshore treatment. More details about the 120-hour post-treatment window can be read at www.agriculture.gov.au/import/before/pests/brown-marmorated-stink-bugs/prepare-import.