The vehicle odometer inspection (OI) The vehicle odometer inspection (OI) is conducted based on ATJ's internal Odometer Inspection Procedure Non-Invasive (ATJ-PRTD-002A).

Odometer integrity inspection is an inspection process that ensures that the accurate mileage of the vehicle is properly displayed and it is designed to be able to recognize tampered odometers and prevent odometer fraud.

The scope of the process covers odometer visual checking including external cover inspection and actual meter casing inspection.

ATJ will not issue its ATJ Odometer Approved Certificate for vehicles identified as having tampered units.

A tampered odometer is one less thing you need to worry about with ODOMETER INSPECTION SERVICES Odometer inspection is an important protection against odometer fraud - the illegal process of tampering a vehicle's odometer in order to display a lower mileage than its actual reading. Odometer fraud is increasingly becoming prevalent in markets like NZ, where the demand is high for quality used cars with low mileage.

Our Odometer Inspection is accredited ISO17020.