The vehicle appraisal ("VA") inspection is conducted based on ATJ's internal Vehicle Appraisal Inspection Procedure (ATJ-PRTD-001).

The scope of this VA inspection service includes inspection done upon arrival and receipt of the vehicle at ATJ's yard sites. The vehicle is then checked as to the correctness of the vehicle information, its status and notes as to the damages and accessories of the vehicle are documented at this stage.

ATJ's independent vehicle appraisals are designed to provide customers with both historical vehicle profiled data and physical inspection by a qualified technical expert to validate this information.

This service is also known as Terminal Receiving Inspection (TRI). Upon arrival at ATJ's yard sites, vehicles are further inspected to identify whether those units have been through pre-purchase inspection or previously inspected by a vehicle auction or lease company's appraisal service. A vehicle has undergone pre-purchase inspection if it has a Vehicle Inspection Checklist with it. No vehicle is released that has not been subjected to ATJ's inspection processes duly conducted by its technically compliant specialists.

Our Vehicle Appraisal Inspection is accredited ISO17020.