We must act positively in order to provide our customers
with the highest possible level of customer service.
We must seek to achieve technical expertise in order for our customers
to trust and rely on our services.
We must act consistently and correctly at all times.
We must provide the inspection services that are of the highest industry standard
to our value customers.
We must charge reasonable and competitive fees to our customers as well as to our
subcontractors so that they will have an opportunity to make a fair profit.
We must respond to our customer’s questions
with accuracy and honesty at all times.

We must consider the pathway that lead to success
rather than the results of those staff that achieved it.
We must be mindful of ways to help our staff fulfill their family responsibilities.
The working environment must be clean, orderly and safe.
We must remember to be humble.
We must always obey the law.
We must not vary from the company’s values and strategies.
Everyone must be considered as an individual; however we must respect each
others dignity and successes.
We must provide competent management.
We must recognized staff achievement and provide opportunity for promotion.
The company will provide equal opportunity for all.

We must be actively involved in the communities in which we live in.
With an eye on a greener world, we will continue to contribute
to green initiatives in any way possible.

We must always seek better ways of providing improved valued added services.
“Where there is a will, there is a way” , we must be conscientious
and persistent in our beliefs in order to accomplish our tasks.

We must be diligent in reducing costs to the lowest possible level while
maintaining the highest quality service and achieve profitability.
Our profitability is important in attaining our goal of helping our staff and their
respective families live a better healthy life with a positive future.