Structural Inspection (SI) service is conducting inspection based on ATJ's internal Structural Inspection Procedure (ATJ-PRTD-003).

Structural damage/deterioration inspection is an inspection process which aims to inspect and identify reportable damages and deterioration of the vehicle. The process includes flagging those vehicles with damage, writing down a clear description of the damage and taking a photo of the damaged area. These flagged damaged vehicles will then be reported to the customer and/or government agencies of both the origin and destination countries.

The basis and scope of inspection is the set regulatory damage allowable for exportation to and importation by the destination country. Several countries usually require that structural inspection and/or certification activities are conducted to ensure that safety standards are met, and performing this service usually requires advanced equipment, tooling and staff with structural training capabilities.

ATJ performs structural inspections for New Zealand (viz. New Zealand Transport Agency [NZTA]) and is the first inspection company to have its systems of equivalence pass their stringent structural inspection requirements.

Our Vehicle Structural Inspection is accredited ISO17020.